Cs4 rigid leather C107 saddlebags (mounting system not included)

SB C107
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  • Description

1 pair of leather C107 saddlebags.

These saddlebags have a reinforced back, suitable for mounting quick release mounting brackets.

Quick release brackets, which make these panniers removable, can be purchased at "Quick release brackets".

Material : leather + polyethylene (PolyTech).

Dimensions :
C107 - 31 : 31(top) /36cm x 31cm (H) x 18,5 cm
C107 - 38  : 38 (top) /44cm  x 33cm (H) x 18,5 cm

Standard Characteristics :

  • Reinforced backside;
  • Completely reinforced with 2mm Polyethylene at the inside (very good shape stability!);
  • Classic buckles + quick release buckles;

Customization Possibilities  (optional) (2): 

  • Full grain leather;
  • Studded or non-studded;
  • Lockable with a key ;
  • Reinforced with aluminium;
  • Black or brown leather;


You can order the customization options separately at " Customization". They have to be ordered together with the bags! (not afterwards!)