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Dyna Glides - Cs4 detachable saddlebag sets for Harley Davidson - Dyna Glides

 Cs4 detachable saddlebag sets for :

Prices, pictures, details & ordering

  · FXD/FXDI Super Glide

· FXDC/FXDCI Super Glide Custom

· FXDL/FXDLI Low Rider

· FXDX/FXDXI Super Glide Sport

· FXDXT/FXDXTI Sport Touring


· FXDI35 35th Anniversary Super Glide

· FXDBI Street Bob

· FXDF Fat Bob 


Cs4 saddlebag set for Harley Davidson Dyna Glide = 1 pair of detachable, rigid, leather Cs4 saddlebags + 1 set of lockable  (quick release)  mounting systems + 2 keys to lock the system

The bags can be supplied with the following (quick release) mounting systems :

·         The Cs4 standard quick release system

·         The Easybrackets quick release system;

We suggest a selection of the standard Cs4 detachable saddlebag sets. If you prefer other Cs4 saddlebags, no problem. You can purchase the saddlebag of your choice and the mounting system of your choice, separately at :

Winkers have to be relocated ! Winker relocation sets are available.