Cs4 Motorcycle Bags & Accessories

    Most Cs4 saddlebags can be customized

    • Cs4 Saddlebags
    • Easy Brackets quick release Systems and Cs4 quick release Systems that make the Cs4 saddlebags detachable.
    • Cs4 Saddlebag sets : Cs4 saddlebags + lockable quick release systems (model specific) 
    • Cruiser accessories : swingarm bags, solo sidebags, sissybarbags etc.

    Resellers & dealers welcome !

    The Cs4 saddlebag collection ( saddlebags only )

    Cs4 saddlebags without mounting system. The mounting system you prefer can be purchased separately.

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    The Cs4 detachable, Saddlebag Sets ( saddlebags + quick release system )

    Detachable Cs4 saddlebags with lockable quick release mounting system for :

    Harley Davidson  - Honda  - Indian - Kawasaki - Suzuki - Triumph - Yamaha - Victory

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    Saddlebag customization possibilities

    Customized bags are only made on demand.

    Easybracket lockable quick release mounting system

    Cs4 lockable quick release mounting system

    Makes saddlebags detachable.
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